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Pork Sampler Bundle

Pork Sampler Bundle

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Not sure what to order? How about trying it all?! Our mouth-watering pork sampler bundle will satisfy your taste buds and your indecision. This bundle is perfect for busy families, meat lovers, or anyone who enjoys cooking with high-quality ingredients. Our pork sampler bundle includes- 

2 lb. ground pork 

1 lb. seasoned sausage

1 pack of 4 pork chops

1 Pork Roast/Pork shoulder/Boston butt (average 3-4 lbs)

1 pack of smoked ham (approximately 1.5 lbs)

1 lb. of smoked bacon

Here are some wonderful recipes to inspire your culinary creativity with this bundle. 

Banh Mi Bowl

Meat Lovers Quiche

Bacon Apple Pork Chops

Mexican Chorizo Recipe

Sauteed Chickpeas with Ham and Kale  

Easy Fall-Apart Roasted Pork Shoulder

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