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Over the Moon Farm & Flowers

2023 Pasture Raised, Whole Turkey

2023 Pasture Raised, Whole Turkey

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The best turkeys you'll ever have. 

Over the Moon Farm & Flowers is proud to offer pasture raised turkeys for your Holiday Dinner.

Our humanely raised turkeys spend their lives outside foraging, basking in the sun, and eating a high quality non GMO grain ration.

Turkeys will be able for pick up OR home delivery in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Manchester area, as well as can be shipped throughout Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin (you will be charged a $20 shipping fee)

About Over the Moon's Turkeys, the nitty gritty
  • We work hard to give our birds the very best, most humane quality of life. They spend all their days outside on grass, besides the initial brooding period (where they must be under heat lamps in a protected environment). 
  • We value our turkey transparency and try to post a lot about how we raise them on social media-- see our instagram @overthemoonf_f for more
  • The birds are processed at a USDA inspected facility and flash frozen on site. That means that each period is professionally handled from start to finish, the tissue is sampled for drug residue (obviously not an issue for us but we think having a third part is good), disease, and any other concerns. It also means we are licensed to distribute the birds throughout Iowa and the rest of the country. We work with a small processor owned by a fellow young person who we have gotten to know well, plus his crew. After processing the birds are stored in our IDALS licensed freezers. 
  • Having them flash frozen actually ensures a greater degree of "freshness" than distributing them any other way + is the best option for food safety + compliance with Iowa regulations 
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